Hello and Welcome to my Website, a place to connect for Hands-On or Distance Sessions. If you are looking for gentle, natural ways to feel better while dealing with the physical, mental and emotional stresses of life, then you have come to the right place.

From the cradle onward, Life can offer a variety of challenges, and we sometimes need a little help to regain Balance and Harmony and to renew the sweetness of life! Feeling better is a real possibility, whether you suffer from an aching back, a worried mind, or a heavy spirit. If you are ready to make a commitment to your on-going health and vitality, you can be supported through all of life's transitions.

For several decades I have been offering a full palette of Vibrational Energy Medicine along with transformational Massage and Body Work to facilitate ease, harmony and wellbeing through life's challenges and transitions. 

I have been involved as an Energy Work Practitioner since the Mid to late 1980's, and since 1997 have been a full time Licensed Massage Therapist. Although I still do a limited number of massage sessions, I find that the Energy Work, the Atlas Balancing, Craniosacral, Plant Spirit Healing and especially the Nahua meidicine can meet peoples life needs in deeper and more effective ways.  As an Animal Energy Practitioner I also offer gentle energetic sessions that can greatly support the well being of  you and your animal companions, pets and  horses. Group sessions for your pets or herd are also a possibility. Some of this work can be done very effectively via distance healing.

First and foremost, I am a Quialtsques, (pronounced:"Key-altz-kays"),(aka; Granicera, weather shaman) and also a Tepahtiani, (Healer, Couselor) in the Náhua Indian tradition of the highlands of central Mexico, so I offer traditional counsel and healing sessions. My work is rooted and supported by yearly ceremonial work as a Quiatlzques, and also by a formal apprenticeship of 10 years (and ongoing), as a healer in this medicine.


*During this current time of Covid spread I am asking people to come in wearing a mask, (except if it is too much for you when head down in the face cradle as you are on the table). I follow New York State LMT recommended disinfecting protocols to protect my clients, their families and friends and my own against the spread of Covid.*


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Medicine Body Healing Arts at Soulspa Studio,
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