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Atlas Balancing, Body Balancing

2 sessions : $250.00 total

The Atlas bone is the first vertebrae in the neck supporting the skull. It maintains the passageway for nerve and blood flow from the brain to the rest of the body. When the Atlas is misaligned it can be a major source of chronic pain syndromes in the body. Messages from the brain can be stifled, confused and not fully delivered which creates a lot of stress and tension and can also be critical markers for many serious health conditions that begin to occur. In young children, the erratic behaviors known as ADD and ADHD maybe linked to this condition.

Atlas Balancing is a brand new energetic technology using light touch and sound code Therapy. The body responds, realigning this major portal between the body and the brain on its own. No physical manipulation is used. Usually, with the first session the Atlas goes into place, where it stays, allowing the body to unwind and align. Many health conditions, traumas, and restrictive patterns in the physical, emotional and mental bodies begin to release as well. For some people this is felt profoundly, and for others it is a barely perceptible experience.

Research shows that the Atlas is misaligned on 98% of people. Medical journals are publishing new research as well about how crucial the alignment of the Atlas bone is for optimal health and vitality, and that it may be the hidden cause of many chronic pain related conditions affecting the back, shoulder, knee, ankle, joint, hip and neck,  as well as TMJ, digestion problems, inflammation syndromes, challenged immune systems, scoliosis and more.

Facts: Why is the Atlas important?

  • The Atlas is the gateway for the entire nervous system.
  • Our brain is a master computer constantly sending messages at rapid speed. These messages run through the Atlas, which connects the head to the spinal column.
  • Misalignment creates added stress and tension throughout the body, which are critical markers for many serious health conditions.
  • Medical journals new research describes the Atlas alignment as foundational and crucial for optimal health.

Solution: What makes this work so unique and unlike other Atlas protocols?

  • Atlas Balancing™ is a gentle, non-aggressive modality.
  • No manipulation or adjustment.
  • Normally, only one session is needed.
  • Increases effectiveness of all other modalities.
  • Empirical research shows most experience immediate results. Helps significantly improve flexibility, range of motion, stability and pain.
  • This advanced technology also ignites the body’s own innate self-healing wisdom.

Body Balancing, 2 Sessions); is recommended about 4-6 weeks after your Atlas Balancing sessions. These sessions  deepen  and complete the work that has begun, but focuses on the  Sacrum, the Coccyx, the Zyphoid and much more. These sessions jump start the self-healing capabilities of your whole system on many levels!  $195.00 

These sessions can be done over skype/phone, if necessary.

The first session of Atlas Balancing can take about 2 hours, perhaps more if there is a lengthy health intake session and answering any questions you may have before we begin.

Additional follow-up sessions with Sound Code Therapy can also be optimal such as for auto-immune diseases,  for assisting with the process of unwinding after the Atlas and Body Balancing sessions, or  just for "deepening". These may be combined with energy bodywork, if long distance, or massage and bodywork, as needed and has no added charge; $70.00

To find out more about the results of this phenomenal work, testimonials and more, please visit:

 Testimonials: (see other testimonials on the testimonial page).

"My experience with Atlas Balancing: I came to Jody for Atlas Balancing in late July 2017 after feeling particularly ungrounded and like I was practically stumbling through life. I was about to embark on a two week trip to Europe and wanted to be as present and balanced for it as possible so I came to Jody and we began the process.

By the end of my 4 sessions, I felt more in control of my body, my emotions and my spiritual self. I walked with more intention and felt like I was able to process information better and like my emotions were much more stable and predictable.
    I had been experiencing a lot of “internal wind” that felt almost like I had an undercurrent of electricity running through my body that was significantly decreased after we completed the Atlas Balancing and the Body Balancing sessions and my sleep, my overall balance and my coordination all greatly improved. My ability to dream and remember my dreams also started to reignite and I found myself remembering things I might have previously forgotten.

I found Atlas Balancing tremendously helpful and would recommend it to anyone suffering from anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic pain or just an overall sense of ungroundedness." M.B, New York

 "Atlas Balancing released emotional blocks that stunted my growth. After treatment, I felt comfortable handling personal projects that had stalled for years."  M, Potsdam, NY

"The act of listening to codes during Atlas Balancing is therapeutic on it's own and centers one's mind. In the days after my first session, I felt a deeper awareness of my place in the universe as connected to other living things...The work reopened my heart after years of grief. Although I thought I had already healed and moved forward, it became clear during the second session that I was still holding on to the pain of loss. This awakening brought me new comfort and joy.  I feel love and gratitude more fully and free again, as I did when I was a child." M, Potsdam, NY.

 "Give yourself the GIFT of an Atlas Balancing session with Jody to experience changes in your mind, body and awareness. It is just tremendous! Since receiving the Codes, I have noticed that my mind is clearer and more focused; my body continues to heal in strength, stamina as well as a reduction in pain; my awareness is expanding into greater perception of light, color, sound and aliveness in the natural world and in relationships. There is a greater ease and joy in living. If Jody adds the gifts of the Plant Spirits as well, the freedom of living with ease and health is even greater. Give it to yourself now!" Betsy, Canton, NY.  

PS: "today is quite something.. my awareness is quite expanded in stillness and my left knee is markedly better. I am going for a walk.. we shall see what else unfolds... wow!!" Betsy, Canton, New York.

Atlas Balancing, Animals

Dogs, Cats: $85.00
Horses: $100.00


Transformational Healing Work with life-long benefits!

 "It is astounding to see that animals are very ready to be treated like this. It is clearly seen and very touching to observe that after having communicated what has been done for them, the next one will willingly come and hold its head in readiness to be treated as well."

Atlas Balancing is a dynamic breakthrough, a new paradigm in healing technology for humans and animals. 

The Atlas, the first vertebrae of the neck, bears the weight of the head and functions as the gateway for the nervous system and spinal column.  In 1988, after 30 years of research, Dr. Rene-Claudius Schümperli published his findings that the Atlas is significantly rotated in humans.  Elisabeth Westermann, founder of Atlas Balancing and Gerlint Rode, founder of Atlas Balancing for Pets/Animals, found that this deficiency also exists in most domesticated and wild animals.              


With only soundcodes that are sung, and light therapeutic touch the Atlas is invited to shift permanently into its natural centered position. After the Atlas is aligned, the "swagger" of the animal will self-correct and the body undergoes an organic step-by-step self-healing process as inner and outer tensions begin to unwind throughout the whole system. Lethargic animals can become more vivacious while restless or anxious animals become calm. Traumas and old injuries can begin to be shaken off and released.    

These results can be instantaneous and will continue to develop over time. When horse and rider have received this work, both can move together with greater ease and flexibility; a balanced rider causes less stress on the horse and vice versa.    

This typically has a rejuvenating effect upon our older animal companions, many times regaining movement and flexibility in and  increase and ease in range of motion . Getting up can be easier and more comfortable, and they can become more playful, expressing themselves in ways they may not have for years due to aging, arthritis, and even with insecurity issues! Each session and each individual will have its unique unfolding. I love to get the feedback from my clients on how their companions are doing.    


 Atlas Balancing is completely safe; there are no physical manipulations or adjustments.Very naturally the innate wisdom of the body of the animal supports this process.  Issues that may be helped by Atlas Balancing:

HORSES: Difficulty turning head to side, shoulder lameness, stiffness of the neck, tension ands sensitivity in the back, skewed tail, resistance

to moving in one direction, saddle shyness, bucking and rearing, coughing, uneven gait and tracking, inner restless ness, a lack of loose calmness, digestive problems, abnormal behavior, ADD, past trauma and emotional difficulties, and more..   


DOGS:  Stiffness in neck and head, head turned to right, tense and stiff back and hips, unbalanced gait or tracking, restlessness, nervousness, abnormal behavior, claws are worn unevenly, head/tail unaligned and more...

CATS:  Bladder stones, restlessness, stiffness,touch sensitivity, abnormal behavior, and more...

Distance and in-person sessions are also available. I am wiling to travel to your community if someone wants to host this work in their area.

  Atlas Balancing;  Dogs, Cats, Pets: $ 85.00,    Horses: $100.00  

  (plus  travel fee - depending on distance, around $20.00). 

The person also receives effects from the treatment, along

with their animal companion.

I am a certified Animal Energy Practitioner Level 2 which involves animal communication and many other forms of Energy work, so follow through sessions could also involve those protocols which work on all levels of Body Mind and Spirit.  I encourage follow up sessions after their first session, as many animals have much more trauma than most of us realize, and the deepening of the second session really helps to attend to their shifting even more quickly.


Most of the time these can be done Long Distance, over the phone or skype. Plant Spirit Energy Medicine and Animal Energy Healing can also be included in follow up and can be very effective means of well being and stabilization for them, as they are very sensitive to this form of work.

To find out more about the kinds of results from this phenomenal work, please visit:

Beatrice's Horse results testimonial:
        Linda's Dogs results testimonial:















                                               (more testimonials on the testimonial page)

Sat Nam Jody, I Just had to let you know that since her Atlas Balancing / Sound Codes Session a few days ago, Luna, continues to surprise me! Beyond my dreams, 💞 my 13 year old dog is having a second puppy hood ! Like today, when my partner came home from work ~ she normally moseys out to greet him ~ but this evening she skipped out the door, tail swinging, with my sandal in her mouth !  And now she is hopping up into the car on her own! For the past 3 years we had a system to get into the car. She would put her front paws on the running board and I would have to hoist her back end up onto the seat. NEW system: I open the car door and she steps up and IN before I know what's happening! No kidding, and she even jumped up on my back - something I discouraged forever and she hasn't done in, well, forever! This is so important because our fur babies suffer beyond our comprehension ~ I do my best to support her health but the Codes release and heal at a whole other level !Thank you 🌻 L.B.    July 2019

"So last night after her Atlas Balancing and Energy Work session my dog Willow was zonked, as you expected. She did eat like crazy though both last night and this morning. Today was fascinating. First, I didn’t see her ALL day. She went upstairs and slept on my bed and didn’t care where I was one bit! Usually if I stop fast she’s runs into me, tagging so close at my heels, but when we were outside she was playful and chased some squirrels and she hasn’t been playful in a long time! I gave her a massage in the grass and grounded her and told her affirmations like “ you’re safe here,” “you’re so loved, “this is your forever home.”  S.T.     July 2019

Atlas Balancing Sound Code Therapy for Horse and Rider:

"My personal experiences in receiving Atlas Balancing and Body Balancing with Jody were so profound that I invited Jody to come to Kingston to give an Atlas Balancing session to my horses Rasa and Danny.

(Jody ended up offering the  Atlas Balancing session to the rest of the herd also, as they hung around responding to the sounds from Rasa and Danny's session. Most of them had past traumas both physical and emotional and all had had various forms of energy work sessions before, also).

Most amazing was when Jody came back to the barn for a follow up about a month later. The herd remembered her and were clearly thrilled to see her back. After greeting Jody the mare wandered off while the other five stood reaching over the fence making it very clear that they wanted a session. While Jody worked on the older horse inside the fenced area the others did everything but somersaults vying for Jody's attention. It was a very sweet scene to observe the horses being so enthusiastic about receiving sessions. This time they were like sponges open to receive the energy that Jody was offering on a much deeper level. Even the mare who had wandered off earlier settled into her second session with Jody and seemed to receive it at a deeper level than the first session.

I am thrilled with Jody and the power of Atlas Balancing. I highly recommend it for healing on all levels and for both humans and animals."   Sincerely,  J. F    

Energy Work

60 minutes: $70.00
75 minutes: $85.00
90 minutes: $100.00

Energy Work 

The electromagnetic or bio- energetic field that surrounds the body is commonly known as the "aura". It is an energetic blueprint that informs your current and future health state. There are other energy systems within and around the body that Healers and mystics can sense, see and/or feel, and by working energetically this can help restore balance and flow to your entire system. As a result, the body's natural self-healing mechanisms strengthen, helping to establish optimum health.  The benefits of  Energy work ranges from the release of habitual mental/emotional stress to alleviating chronic pain, even PTSD. It can  clear and  calm the mind, refresh and lift the spirit, and help to drop any energetic interference with homeostasis. 

These sessions are a great complement to any mainstream medicine modalities you may be using to maintain wellness. There are many modes of Energy Work. Animals are especially responsive to this work and it is an effective and gentle way to assist with profound effects upon their physical and emotional status. A little can go a long way.

People or Animal sessions: $70.00


Essential AYURVEDA

Per session : $110.00

 Essential Ayurveda:



Renew the Sweetness of Life!

 Re-balance your whole system right down to the cellular levels with Ayurveda, the Art and Science of Life

Using only the Highest Quality Authentic Traditional Herbal Massage Oils whose Gentle medicines have been known for thousands of years to work together synergistically to Detox, Nourish and Rejuvenate Body Mind and Spirit.

Offering: Shirodhara, Abhyanga, and Hot Poultice Therapy

I work under the auspices and guidance of an Ayurvedaarcharya from Kerala India.



SHIRODHARA    45 minutes, then 15 minute facial massage/cupping to further rejuvenate the face.

Shirodhara is an ancient Indian therapy using warm medicated herbal oils in a gentle stream which flows agreeably on the third eye/ forehead area. Shirodhara rapidly induces a deep physical and mental relaxation accompanied by a profound state of mental silence and bliss which in turn triggers healing, restoring balanced health of body, mind and spirit.

Prices: $110.00 a  treatment; (preferably minimum of 3 sessions).

BENEFITSSaid to eliminate diseases of the  head and disorders affecting neck, eyes, ears, nose and nervous system- Helps overcome stress and its ill effects on nervous system- Relieves insomnia, reduces fatigue,tension, irritability, nervousness, excessive thinking, and anxiety through natural serotonin dopamine, and melatonin release. Shirodhara alleviates anger, chronic and migraine headaches, rheumatisi, hypertension, asthma, hair loss problems and stress. It gives great mental relaxation, invigorates the body and mind and stimulates cognitive memories. It also renews the sweetness of life while increasing intuition and activating the pituitary gland.  Helps to regulate mood and depression disorders, activates the memory and stimulates the 6 and 7th chakra which regulates our breathing patterns. It will rejuvenate the entire face and softens worry lines. Awakens intuition and inner wisdom.These benefits are further enhanced after a massage (Abhyanga), when the body is already relaxed and in a receptive state.

Abhyanga: Medicated Herbal Oil Massage     50 minutes, then rest on table for 10 minutes.

A traditional Indian massage applying a combination of soothing and symmetrical long strokes to regulate the circulatory and nervous system of the body. The warm herbal oil chosen according to your body type balances the doshas. A hot shower is recommended  following this massage.

Benefits: Abhyanga  Is one of the most rejuvenating treatments of Ayurveda. It has much deeper and more far reaching effects than ordinary massage. Herbal oils customized to your body type to detoxify, nourish and revitalize the body tissues (Dhatus). Abhyanga achieves deepest healing effects by naturally harmonizing Mind Body & Spirit.  Anti-aging, rejuvenates the whole body while it also increases tissue strength, beautifies the skin, removes cellulite, improves blood circulation,  helps  you sleep better, promotes vitality, reduces Vata imbalance, along with stress and toxins.  Price: $ 110.00  per session

Hot Herbal Poultice Therapy       50 minutes, 10 minutes resting on table


This therapeutic massage begins with an application of warm oil, specific to your dosha. A warm herbal fomentation is applied to relax the muscles while stimulating circulation and energy flow. Heated herbal poultice gently tapped onto the body to reduce aches and pains, increase lymphatic drainage and condition the skin, and also stretching  and gentle manipulation of the joints may be incorporated,  leaving you refreshed and relaxed.

Benefits: Site-specific hot poultice treatment designed to treat joint or other localized pain. Incredibly effective for relief from arthritis pain! This treatment offers the greatest results when done in a series:  3-4 days in a row or once a week for 4 weeks is recommended.  Price : $110.00  per session

If you would like to see a movie about  Ayurveda, here is one to start with:



CranioSacral Therapy

60 minutes: $70.00
75 minutes: $85.00
90 minutes: $100.00

CraniolSacral Therapy  is a very gentle and holistic healing practice that uses very light touching to balance the craniosacral system, which includes the bones, nerves, fluids, and connective tissues of the cranium and spinal area, effectively releasing neck and back pain, and physical, mental and emotional stress.

It optimizes the movement of cerebrospinal fluid through the spine and around the skull with very light pressure by simply removing obstacles which the self correcting physiological forces have been unable to overcome on their own.  This opens up, mobilizes and activates the innate self-correcting powers of the body. It quickly brings the body-mind out of fight or flight and provides a deeply soothing and relaxing healing experience. The pressure applied rarely exceeds 5 grams (roughly the weight of a nickel!).  Despite the light pressues involved it can be a very deep form of bodywork, unwinding and freeing up the fascia and the soft tissue for pain free and easy movement. It can be used alone or as an add-on during any treatment.

Helps: Migraine, Autistic spectrum behavior,  Chronic Fatigue, Motor Coordination Impairment, Chronic Neck and Back Pain, Learning disabilities, Traumatic brain and Spine Injuries, Colic, Scoliosis, Fibromyalgia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Massage Therapies

60 minutes: $70.00
75 minutes: $85.00
90 minutes: $100.00

 Massage and More....

I use various massage and  energy modalities tailored to meet your individual needs. Below are a few descriptions of some of the modalities I employ in a therapeutic session. I also make and use my own BUTTERS, LOTIONS and SELF CARE PRODUCTS, including Inhalers, Essential Oil Roll on's, Trauma Oils, Balms, and more.



Swedish Massage is very relaxing and therapeutic.  A combination of oils or lotion with an array of strokes such as rolling, kneading, and percussion help to improve circulation relieving aches and pains and  stress levels in the body, enhancing mental clarity, improving appearance, and flexibility. It is the basis of many massage modalities.

Deep Tissue Massage aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of tissue in the body. It is a highly effective method for releasing chronic stress areas due to misalignment, repetitive motions, and past lingering injuries. Due to the nature of the deep tissue work, open communication during the session is crucial to make sure you don't get too uncomfortable.Keep in mind that soreness is pretty common after the treatment, and plenty of water is required to aid with the flushing and removal of toxins that will have been released from the session.



Neuromuscular therapy  (NMT), is a deep tissue massage therapy that uses a holistic approach towards healing, emphasizing and stimulating the body's natural ability to heal itself. NMT effectively offers relief for muscular /skeletal pain symptoms due to "Trigger Points", or knotted muscle points which radiate pain into the body Trigger points can cause spasm, limited mobility, chronic pain, postural dysfunction, stress, stiffness, aging and fatigue.  NMT also enhances the function of joints and muscles, and accelerates the overall healing process by facilitating the release of endorphins.

Massage Cupping

60 minutes: $70.00
90 minutes: $100.00


Pleasant, gentle and non- invasive, this technology achieves powerful therapeutic results for numerous conditions very quickly. Cupping is an ancient Chinese form of therapy in which a local suction or vacuum is created on the skin.  This softens tight muscles and adhesions, mobilizes blood flow, drains excess fluid and toxins, opens lymphatic pathways and promotes healing. Thus, all conditions that include inflammation or pain, lung and digestive issues and circulatory problems can be alleviated by cupping massage. Excellent for broad-spectrum relief but can also be targeted to specific areas and combined with other modalities

Facial Lift and Drainage: Gentle Massage Cupping to open lymph passages to drain buildup of wastes and fluids, stimulate collagens renewal and improve circulation in the face and neck. Great for worry lines, aging skin, bloat, TMJ and Sinuses.  Included is your choice of traditional Ayurveda oil for the face or organic aromatherapy oils.  Feels wonderful and very rejuvenating. Takes from 10-20 minutes. Provides most lasting effect when done twice a week for three to four weeks.

With the use of  Massage Cupping as a "vaccume Therapy",  applications for health and wellness are almost limitless. Pleasant, gentle and non- invasive, this is a technology that achieves  powerful therapeutic results very quickly! 


Cellulite reduction, Pain reduction, Joint Mobilization, Lymph Drainage, Scar Reduction, Skin Toning and Firming, Detoxification, Movement of Stagnation, Release of Tight Constricted Muscles, Contouring of face and body, assisting with Weight Loss programs, Pre and Post Operative Therapy to shorten recovery time and enhance surgical results, Athletic Performance Enhancement.


APPLICATIONS: Fibromyalgia, Poor Circulation, Sciatica, Insomnia, Anxiety, Cellulite, Toxicity, Asthma, Pneumonia, TMJ Dysfunction, Diabetes, Parkinsons Disease, Chronic pain, Menopause, Arthritis, Neuralgia, Poorly nourished skin and Muscle Tissue, Lung inflammation and congestion, Migraine, Tension headaches and Sinusitis, High/low Blood Pressure, Sluggish Colon, IBS, Stagnant Lymph and Edema, Pre-Post Operative conditions, Athletic stress and injury, Bursitis, Tendonitis, Plantar Fascitis, Scars, Adhesions, Spider Veins, Vericosities and Muscular Aches.

ACE Massage Cupping™ therapy is a pleasant and gentle, non-invasive technique that achieves powerful results in:

  • Cellulite Reduction
  • Pain Reduction
  • Joint Mobilization
  • Lymph Drainage
  • Scar Reduction
  • Skin Toning and Firming
  • Pre- and Post-Operative Therapy to
    Shorten Recovery Time & Enhance Surgical Results
  • Releasing Tight, Contacted Muscle Tissue
  • Contouring the Face & Body
  • Assisting with Weight Loss Programs
  • Athletic Performance Enhancement
  • Detoxification – Movement of Stagnation

ACE Massage Cupping™ continues to evolve as new equipment is located and creative applications are discovered. The techniques relieve inflammation, sedate the nervous system, move stagnant lymph and blood, hydrate and nourish tissue, shift tissue PH, and can be used on acute and chronic conditions for all ages!

- See more at:


Plant Spirit Energy Medicine

Intake $95.00 : $70.00


The Therapeutic and deep reaching effects of Plant Spirit Healing:

$70.00 per treatment 

($60.00 per treatment if coming more often than once a month.

A 1 & 1/2 hour intake session to start is necessary for more long term treatment) $100.00

Plant Spirit is a gentle energetic healing which treats the whole person on all levels of Body, Mind and Spirit but no substances are prescribed or administered.  While it is wonderful for bringing people out of crisis, it is really intended for deepening ones connection to Authentic Self, Nature, Purpose, Vitality,  Heart and Spirit, enabling us to give our gifts to the world and serve our highest purpose. Thus, it can be a real life changer.

Plant spirit recognizes the spiritual aspect of plants and their powerful medicine for healing the deepest reaches of the heart and soul.  The plant spirits are masters at getting to the level of spirit, where we can be happy, at peace and "juiced up" by life. They are great at transferring their love and wisdom past any accumulated layers of defense or fear.

No belief is necessary on the part of the client.  The energy, vitality and wisdom of the plants is given energetically through the practitioners hands. The living relationships between the practitioner and the plants are so profound that the plant spirits are willing to offer their gifts of balance, harmony, love, support and healing. Simply being in the presence of such a generous and abiding love is a transformative experience.

Plant Spirit can be given as an add-on or incorporated into an energy work session and for some this can change your life in profound ways, but to shift your life in the direction of fulfilling your life's dreams, usually a longer commitment is recommended, a few months, usually once a week, is a good way to start.  In an initial two hour session we review health concerns, what upsets you, what makes you happy, your dreams and aspirations.  Then we begin the journey.  Sessions last around an hour.

A more indepth view of what Plant Spirit Medicine affects healing for people comes form my former teacher Eliot Cowan, whom I originally trained with.

Remote Healing/People/Animals

60 minutes: $70.00
75 minutes: $85.00
90 minutes: $100.00

I can work very effectively from afar, and  our animal companions are very happy about this, as there is no need for stress or travel. I am also an Animal Energy Certified Practitioner (registered), and I also work with animal communication as part of the Energy Work sessions.

Believe it or not, many times people have reported that their remote sessions can sometimes feel more powerful than when they are physically being present! Another benefit is that you can rest in the comfort of your own home.

"Jody is a skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate practitioner of many healing modalities. She's my go-to person anytime I or my cat are out of balance. Her work targets the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of dis-ease, according to your need at the time. " Jill, Potsdam, NY

We can choose a time for phone or computer  gmail video chat or skype calls for this work.

You can pay me directly online on my  Paypal page.     

My skype address is:  jody.wallace3725

You can connect with me by email from the "contact Me" page.

You can call me at: 315-386-3725

Hot Stone Therapy

60 minutes: $70.00
75 minutes: $85.00

Hot Stone Therapy is a style of massage where heated stones are used under the therapists hands to work out  muscular and soft tissue stress and tension. They are also placed at specific sites on your body to deepen relaxation and promote circulation in your muscles. Muscles that are warmed with these stones release tension and stress much more deeply and quickly than with a traditional massage. The overall experience is very relaxing, nurturing, and rejuvenating. When coupled with Massage Cupping and Energy work, you will melt right off the table!

Promotes Deep Muscle Relaxation* Alleviates Stress* Releases Toxins* Relieves Pain* Improves Circulation* Calms the Mind

Health Conditions treated with Hot Stone Massage:  Muscular Aches and Pains* Back Pain* MS* Arthritis* Fibromyalgia* Stress, Anxiety* Circulatory Problems* Insomnia* Depression.


Per hour : $60.00

Menu of Heavenly Add-Ons:

 If you would like to include a little extra time for your one hour massage session, consider these:

$15.00 for 1/4 hour

Energy-Bodywork: .Working with hands lightly on or off the body, this session clears and strengthens the Luminous Energy Body or the bio-energetic field surrounding the body.



Facial Lift and DrainageGentle  Massage Cupping to open lymph passage ways to drain buildup of wastes and fluids in the face and neck. Great for adhesions, worry lines, bloat, for stimulating collagen and getting the circulation going. Also great for TMJ, and Sinuses! Feels wonderful and very rejuvenating. I can use traditional Ayurveda oil for the face, or oils combined with organic aromatherapy oils, your choice. Great for aging skin. These have a lasting effect when done in a series of 6-8 sessions, about 2 times a week. (they are part of the Cocoon series for weight loss, or smoking cessation series).

ALMAS de PLANTAS: The Therapeutic and deep reaching effects of Plant Spirit  Healing: 15 Minutes. A Mini Plant Spirit session that comes with gentle chiropractic effects and more!  This session with the Plant kingdom for your muscles and spine and spirit. As you rest on the table, I will request help from the plants best suited to you at this time.

Holy SMOKES !   Enjoy a blessing and smudge of Copal and Frankincencse (and sometimes other sacred incenses) before your session. This smudge, given from my  ancient Nahua Weather working tradition, sweeps and clears the energy field around you, dropping any extraneous heavy energies, and inviting in the energetic new-ness and sweetness of Life. It is refreshing, relaxing, cleansing, good for your health and for feelings of well-being all around! About 5 minutes: $5.00



DEEKSHA:  1-2 minutes; (Given free of charge); Also known as the Oneness Blessing. An energy transfer of Divine Energy geared to shift the neurobiology of the brain and awaken humanity into Oneness. It takes about 1 to 2 minutes to receive, and is usually given by laying both hands gently on the head of the recipient. Can be included in the session at least 10 minutes prior to getting off the table.

Warm Stone Massage; See description page.

Universal Sound Codes; see Atlas Balancing page.

Chakra Balancing;  see Energy Work page.



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Price List of SERVICES

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Treatments can include one or more modalities, depending on needs and goals.

One hour hands on or Energy Medicine sessions for people, $70.00 per hour.

Distance Energy Work, people or animals: $70.00 per hour.

Atlas Balancing for People; 2 sessions: $250.00.

Body Balancing; People;  2 sessions $195.00.

Sound Code Therapy follow up Atlas and Body Balancing sessions or first time sessions can be incorporated into any other kind of session at no extra charge.

Ayurveda Sessions: $110.00 per session

Atlas Balancing Pets; $85.00.

Round trip Travel / House call fee: $50.00.

Horse Atlas Balancing, in person Energy work: $130.00 per session, (plus travel / house call  fee, $50.00).

Although I highly recommend Atlas Balancing for all animals to start as foundational work, Animal Energy Healing sessions are recommended for those who want more in depth communication from their animal companions along with in-depth healing work. $70.00 per hour working from my studio.

*No extra charges for Massage Cupping, Hot Stone, or any specialties other than what is stated above.*


More Testimonials...

"I call on Jody for regular treatments of my elder cat. I find that he responds well to the combination of modalities that she uses. I also call her when I can tell he needs a lift. I believe in her and I believe in the medicine of Spirit, but today was one of those miraculous occasions in which we got to see an immediate benefit of the work. Within minutes after her treatment, he got up off the bed and regurgitated a huge hairball. He's now sleeping comfortably again. This isn't trivial. My vet tells me that hairballs are believed to be a sign of disease. I've noticed that no matter how much hairball stuff I give him and how much I brush him, he gets them, they interfere with his ease and his body seems to have trouble moving them out. I believe Jody's treatment moved this obstruction through his system immediately. Yeah!!!!!" J.C, Potsdam, New York

"I would highly recommend anyone with any spiritual inclination towards life to seek out Jody Wallace, She has many tools and services to offer anyone to piece together this mystery called life. I am amazed every time!"  Joe, Canton, NY.

"The act of listening to codes during Atlas Balancing is therapeutic on it's own and centers one's mind. In the days after my first session, I felt a deeper awareness of my place in the universe as connected to other living things." M.Q. Potsdam, NY

"After the Body Balancing session I noticed a number of changes in myself. My focus is better and I have a lot more energy. I have a different frame of mind with more positive thoughts and less procrastination. I have more determination. The "I should really do this now" is more like " I WILL to do this now! I am also more organized!"   T.B., Degrasse, NY., ( several months after her Body Balancing session).

"Atlas Balancing reopened my heart after years of grief. Although I thought I had already healed and moved forward, it became clear during the second session that I was still holding on to the pain of loss. This awakening brought me new comfort and joy.  I feel love and gratitude more fully and free again, as I did when I was a child." M.Q, Potsdam, NY.

"Jody is a skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate practitioner of many healing modalities. She's my go-to person anytime I or my cat are out of balance. Her work targets the physical, mental and spiritual aspects of dis-ease, according to your need at the time. " Jill, Potsdam, NY

 Atlas Balancing Sound Code Therapy for Horse and Rider, and follow-up visit after Atlas Balancing sessions to a herd of horses.

From Joan in Kingston, Ontario, who has been working with horses for a number of years:

"My personal experiences in receiving Atlas Balancing and Body Balancing with Jody were so profound that I invited Jody to come to Kingston to give an Atlas Balancing session to my horses Rasa and Danny.

First Jody worked on Danny in his stall. It was very clear that he was receiving the energy and the codes that Jody was singing. At the end of the session I could tell that he was still processing and that he needed private time away from the herd. It was incredible to observe Danny's response to the session and equally amazing to observe the rest of the herd and two dogs while Danny received his session. 

Each horse had a unique response to Atlas Balancing. The two horses at the north entrance to the barn were free to leave and go out to the open paddock but they chose to stay close. When I looked out of Danny's stall I noticed that Rasa was standing transfixed, eyes staring softly into the distance. He was clearly in an altered state and remained in that state the entire time Jody was singing to Danny. The other horse (a mare) was not so sure what to make of what was occurring. I had the impression that she would have preferred to go out to the paddock if she could have convinced Rasa  to join her.

The lead horse who was in the stall next to Danny had his head hanging over the stall door and dropped down as low as it would go. He also was in an altered state with his lower lip quivering, and eyes fluttering and sometimes closed during Danny's entire session. 

The fifth horse who only recently became comfortable with being contained in a stall suddenly started turning circles in his stall, eyes wild and looking very restless. Once I released him into the center of the barn he was calm again and remained there calmly observing while Jody continued with Danny.

At one point the two dogs started to whine and scratch the stall door insisting that they wanted to be in the stall where the singing was happening.

The sixth horse was the biggest surprise. He is old and had sustained an serious injury slipping on the ice a couple of years ago. Because of his age and injury he needs to be separated from the rest of the herd. He was outside on the south side of the barn hanging out along the fence with the minis. To my knowledge he was not in range of hearing Jody's voice. At the end of Danny's session I left the stall to check on the other horses. To my shock the old horse was laying flat out on the gravel at the front entrance to the barn. He was groaning and grunting and raising his head to look at me and then laying his head flat out again. My initial thought was that he had fallen down and couldn't get up. I observed him for a while and it occurred to me that perhaps he was responding to the codes that Jody sang to Danny. I noticed each time he laid his head back down that he looked 100 percent relaxed. By the time the others in the barn observed him he was lying flat out looking completely relaxed. We agreed that he had most likely been hanging out at the entrance of the barn listening. We allowed him to be there while as we went back to the stall to check on Danny. When we went back to the old horse a minute later he was up on his feet and back over at the fence with the minis appearing as if nothing had happened.

When Rasa received his session he remained in the trance like state that he had been in earlier staring straight ahead through his whole Atlas Balance session.

The whole herd has been exposed to energy work in the past and this was apparent to Jody upon meeting them. It was decided after Rasa's session that individual Atlas Balance sessions would be offered to the remaining four horses.

Jody started with the old guy. At first he wasn't sure and he made that clear by gently attempting to grab my gloved hand with his mouth. I had observed in previous energy work sessions that certain horses needed to have something  to bite down on while receiving energy work. He was free to walk away at any point but once I offered him a towel to chew on he settled down. Sometimes he was curious and would turn his head to watch Jody. Other times when uncomfortable with having a particular part of his body focused on, he would turn his head and nudge Jody or would
bite down on the towel, or would grab the towel and pull it out of my hand and drop it. He stayed for the for the entire session then wandered back to the fence to be with the minis. In the weeks after his session it appears that his badly injured and uneven pelvis was filling out more on the hollow side. In spite of his severe injury this horse is a happy camper and seems to absorb all energy work that is offered to him.

It was incredible to observe each horse uniquely receive their sessions. The thoroughbred X race horse who had been very restless in his stall earlier seemed to enjoy his session with Jody. This is a horse who more often than not held a panicked look in his eyes. He softened tremendously during his session and for weeks after I noticed that he held a much softer look in his eyes.

The lead horse (the one her earlier had his head hanging over the stall door) fully received his session with gratitude. About a week after Atlas balancing I noticed that his eyes started to look much brighter,and he has seemed generally happier since.

The mare who earlier seemed nonchalant about the work that Jody was doing had wandered away. She was free to choose whether she wanted a session or not. We stood at the gate and called to her. I'm sure she was aware of what was being offered. She stood there not moving and looked at us with her big brown eyes. Rasa who was standing near her let out a low nicker which seemed to be his way of encouraging her to receive the session. Shortly after his nicker she came wandering over to us. She showed no obvious response to the session other than to glance over her shoulder once in a while to observe what Jody was doing. But she did opt to have the session.

I have given and received a lot of energy work. In the realm of the subtle it is not always obvious what causes what. For instance, I know in every cell of my being that I received a major healing in my neck as a result of my sessions with Jody. I am however not able to quantify what percent of the healing came from my sessions with Jody and what percent came from other factors in my life such as physiotherapy. It is the same with my two horses Rasa and Danny. I can't quantify what they received in their sessions with Jody but I can say in the month following their sessions they both have been much clearer in demonstrating and communicating their desires and needs. 

Most amazing was when Jody came back to the barn for a follow up about a month later. The herd remembered her and were clearly thrilled to see her back. After greeting Jody the mare wandered off while the other five stood reaching over the fence making it very clear that they wanted a session. While Jody worked on the older horse inside the fenced area the others did everything but somersaults vying for Jody's attention. It was a very sweet scene to observe the horses being so enthusiastic about receiving sessions. This time they were like sponges open to receive the energy that Jody was offering on a much deeper level. Even the mare who had wandered off earlier settled into her second session with Jody and seemed to receive it at a deeper level than the first session.

I am thrilled with Jody and the power of Atlas Balancing. I highly recommend it for healing on all levels and for both humans and animals.

Sincerely, J. F, Kingston, Ontario, Canada.


Finney is 13 years old and has been  in training  here  with  me since he was born. He has always been a bit sensitive. He is a Thoroughbred - Connemara cross.  I needed help gaining his cooperation and he needed help becoming more courageous.  With all these issues I have seen a major improvement after  his Atlas Balancing session.  His anxiety over encountering new things is reduced and he does not argue with me over what speed we will be going.  Now he's more settled, relaxed and mellow, teams up with me, listens to commands  more readily, and is much easier, safer, and more enjoyable to ride. All this took place within a day after his treatment, so I am very happy with the results of this session.  It has been such a great investment and well worth it.  He continues to improve.

The burro is less 'Eeyore-ish', has a softer eye and feel about him.  He too has become  more cooperative and not such a grouch as he was.  He seems happier.

Tanka, is a 12 year old Appaloosa who just recently came here.  He had a lot of issues, being very introverted and not wanting to relate to anyone.  Between the Atlas Balancing and the Animal Energy Healing work he has really come out of his shell and is now interacting happily with humans and the other horses. He can have a whole new life with new possibilities now.

Huxley, a retired event horse, has some issues with arthritis.  He has been treated with Atlas Balancing with some success and has become more athletic. 

The horses seem to really love receiving the work, and I am very happy with the results!   Anne. Canton, NY 

Conditions Alleviated...

The various forms of treatment are known to help with the following health issues:

Stress/ Anxiety/ Panic Attacks / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder/ Migraine /Tension Headaches and Sinusitis / Insomnia / Autistic spectrum behavior / Chronic Fatigue / Fibromyalgia / ADD/ ADHD / Motor Coordination Impairment / Chronic Neck and Back Pain/ Hip pain /leg pain and soft tissue pains /Learning Disabilities / Traumatic brain and Spine Injuries/Colic / Scoliosis / Poor Circulation / Sciatica / Cellulite /Toxicity /Asthma Pneumonia /TMJ Dysfunction /Diabetes /Parkinsons Disease /Chronic pain/ Menopause  Arthritis /Neuralgia / Poorly nourished skin and Muscle Tissue /Lung inflammation and Congestion /  Scoliosis / High & Low Blood Pressure /Sluggish Colon / IBS /Stagnant Lymph and Edema /Pre-Post Operative conitions /Athletic stress and Injury / Bursitis Tendonitis /Plantar Fascitis /Scars /Adhesions /Spider Veins /Vericosities and Muscular Aches /Cellulite reduction /Chronic Pain Reduction /Joint Mobilization /Lymph Drainage / Scar Reduction / Skin Toning and Firming /Detoxification / Movement of Stagnation/  Release of Tight Constricted Muscles / Contouring of face and body / Assisting with Weight Loss Programs / Pre and Post Operative Therapy to shorten recovery time and enhance results /Athletic Performance Enhancement / Chronic Pain / Diabetes / Depression /Grief   Life Change /Trauma /Loss of Spirit / ExcessWeight /Joint / Muscle Aches / Addictions / Scoliosis / Sciatica /Face Lift / Menopause /Poor Circulation Arthritis Neuralgia / Edema /Athletic Stress & Injury / Varicose / Spider Veins / Rejuvenation on a Cellular level.....


What to bring for AYURVEDA

Per session : $110.00
Some helpful tips on your AYURVEDA session;
 On this website there are some basic descriptions of the sessions.

For your first health intake session please bring a list of your health history and any major and minor health concerns with you.  If you have recent blood tests or other pertinent medical information handy, please bring that also.

You will be covered in herbal oil during and for a time after your session before you go home to shower. Generally the oils absorb within an hour or so, but many of us like to wait a bit longer before our showers to get all we can get into our system. The oil does not come out easily of clothes, shoes or car seats, so you might want to bring with you:

Some flip flops (Dollar Store) or Crocs 
A loose shift, or loose t shirt and shorts you don't mind getting ruined with oils (Thrift Store)
A  medium to large size towel or two for your car seat
Your water bottle
Cash for payment
A bag to carry all this in
G-string underwear/bikini panties

Many people have found it is best not to plan to  have to do  too much of anything after their session.
If you are working during this time it is best to come after work for your sessions whenever possible.
Health Intake Sessions are $60.00, Hands-on sessions are $110.00. Both take about an hour.